Friday Links

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Wow this week sure got away from me. It was nonstop, but fortunately it was for a fun project that I'll get to share with you all next week. It was a wonderful, stressful, and brand new experience. Lots to sort out and sift through before I share. In the meantime I gathered some fun stuff I found on the internet this week. 

Have you seen this? I missed it the night of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, but I caught it the next day. H I L A R I O U S and oh so painful and awkward. 

If you are local here in Los Angeles, you have to read about this amazing PieVenture

We have a thing in this house for accents, this girl’s talent blew our minds! 

3D Printers really confuse me, who has them, why get one? This article was very helpful if you’re looking for a tech-y read. 

I’m a huge fan of barre classes, I mean, I LOVE them. I try to go twice a week, if I can make it three times, wow, that’s an amazing week, or a very slow work week haha. Anyhow, Groupon has Pop Physique classes on right now for an amazing deal. Check it out if you want to be sore in the morning. I go to the Westside location. 

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and get to sleep in or take a nap or have your loved one bring you a latte in bed. Or maybe all three. 



*photo courtesy  of Josh Elliott