Pippi Longstocking DIY Costume

This was such a fun little costume to put together and so easy too! Greta had a book sharing presentation a few weeks ago in her third grade language arts class. It's a great project that the kids do every other month. You pick a chapter book and choose to work alone or with a partner and then come up with a creative way to share the book with your classmates. She chose to work alone on Pippi Longstocking and immediately knew she wanted to be in character for the presentation. 

We used what we had on hand and only purchased the orange hair spray. Here's what you'll need if you want to do your own Pippi Longstocking outfit:

  • orange hair spray - we picked some up at our local party supply store, but you can also buy it here
  • a pair of striped socks or tights, I had a pair of thigh high socks that she borrowed
  • a pair of men's black shoes or boots
  • overalls or an apron type dress, you could also wear a patchwork vest if you don't have overalls
  • more stripes or florals for the t-shirt

For her hair I used a few pipe cleaners to get the braids to stick out. I did two pigtails and and secured with rubber bands and then stuck the pipe cleaners right in the middle (I folded the pipe cleaners in half). Then I braided around the pipe cleaners tucking hair all around them as I braided. Then secured with more rubber bands at the bottom. 

For Mr. Nilsson we used a monkey beanie boo we had and a yellow doll hat we also owned. You could also bring a stuffed or toy horse if you had one and hold it over your head. Because don't forget she is stronger than anyone and can pick up her horse.