Friday Links & a Break

Other than my 52 Weeks Project, I'll be taking a break from blogging to enjoy my kids' winter vacation. Friday afternoon can't come soon enough! We are all pretty thrilled at the possibility of sleeping in, pajamas all day, a ton of movies, and adventures adventures adventures. We have quite a few planned. I keep up pretty regularly on Instagram, so come visit me there @mylifeatplaytime. 

If you need a little help relaxing during this time of year, check out these bath soak recipes I put together. 

Also, a few overnight DIY masks that are easy and fabulous. 

I love a good kid art gallery wall!

This Funny or Die bit is hilarious for all you Serial listeners. 

I made my kids watch this a few times to try to emphasize how ridiculous they can seem sometimes. I was rolling. They were rolling. The whole car bit, that's my kids!!

And just in case you missed this great community service idea, check it out here