Health & Beauty A Deux

Pretty amazing graphic right?! I have been slow on sharing a few articles I've written for Hello Natural, so I'm here to remedy that situation! I had such a good time researching essential oils, because hello(!) if you haven't noticed we've been using them a lot in this house! By the way, you want the best diffuser blend? Try ylang ylang, lavender, and vetiver. You will thank me later, trust me. The entire piece on the best essential oils for skin can be found here. Also, I am sharing a homemade hair spray recipe that is all natural, and a volumizing powder, found here

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I feel like I've been playing catch up for days. I have spent hours on the phone dealing with medical insurance bills, hotel accountants, seeing clients, helping kids with end of semester projects, and did I mention my housekeeper has been ill the last two weeks? Yeah, first world problems, but that just means I get to scrub some toilets. I do have some happy posts to share soon too. I have photos from our vacation to Ojai, a piece I just submitted to Classic Play on a fun community service project, another week in the 52 weeks project to post, oh and did I mention throughout all this we managed to trade in our car and get a new one?

Can I share a tip just for those loyal readers who actually read all the words on my blog and not just scroll through photos haha? If you're leasing a car (we were leasing our Honda Pilot) be sure to get a quote on it before you trade it in, especially if it's a car that's in high demand and you've taken care of your car. Which hello, if you're leasing you're going to take good care of the car! We took our car to Carmax (lease was up in January) and they were willing to pay us well above the buyout amount on what we owed at the end of our lease. You're thinking, what a pain to have to buy the car and then sell it to Carmax? Nope. They have a whole department designed for this. They cut the check to the financial institution you lease from for the buyout amount, and then they cut YOU a check for the difference. The best part was this, we took the Carmax quote with us straight to the dealership and they just matched it so they saved us from having to Uber it down to the dealership from Carmax (because we only have one car), and saved us a trip to go back to Carmax once we picked up the new car. Are you following me? :) Here's my PSA for the month. Don't trade in your lease before you've gotten a quote at Carmax!!! 

I shared this on Instagram this weekend, @mylifeatplaytime if you are over there, but here it is again. Our first family car selfie in the Outback.