Fun Autumn Art Lesson for Kids

Favorite season? Fall and summer are a close match for me. I know we don't have "real" seasons in Los Angeles, people like to point that out to me all the time. Oh, but we do. We have temperature drops(like 10-15 degrees!), we have to put our heater on at night. We get leaves changing color and falling to the ground. Yes you can still wear flip flops in any season for an entire day and not have to worry about frost bite, but we have fall people! We wear sweaters! And scarves even. But a cool day can also be followed by an 80 degree day for no rhyme or reason. And February might bring a heat wave just because it likes to. 

This art lesson is such a fun autumn themed project to do with kids. Greta made these over the weekend and she's pretty proud of these little friends. Head on over to Classic Play to check them out.