thoughts from a quiet week

This week went by quickly and slowly all at the same time. Do you have weeks like that? Moments that zoom by and moments that just don't. We spent our week in Ojai as we do every year, and the weather up here, geez it's been good. It's been gloriously warm, like swimming in the pool till 4pm warm, eating dinner outside on the terrace warm, I didn't bring enough shorts warm. 

We had to pick up a new bike before we came since Sawyer's was passed down to Greta. Aaron found a perfect one for him last weekend, and just like that all five of us are in pretty much normal-people-sized bikes. We strapped all 5, okay only Aaron did the strapping, onto the back of our car, and probably scared anyone who drove behind us. It was quite a sight from the rear. But we can't come up here without our bikes, because look at the bike trails! They're just too good to not have bikes at the ready. We ride them daily while we are here and the kids love that they can be on their own all over the property.

A few things before the next weekend just creeps up on me as it has been doing lately.

Black Friday, are you a shopper? I'm an online shopper for sure. I already hit up the 50% off sale at Gap and Gap Kids. Stocked up the kids real good. 

I would really like to find a steal on this either for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But so far, nada. 

Stumbled upon this jewelry shop online and I'm kind of obsessed. That purple warrior necklace is on my list. 

Funny tidbit. Last week Aaron and I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune. I know crazy. And fun. Except we didn't do very well in the audition and got sent home. It was crazy intense pressure, you're in front of like 60 people and are actually playing a version of Wheel of Fortune all the while people are yelling and you have to remember to smile, and project your voice, and solve the puzzle and buy a vowel! And! And! Phew. Next year. You're mine next year Vanna White. I'm prepared now...

I've been meaning to share this article, but every time I remember I happen to not be writing a blog post. So finally, I get to share now. I posted it on my Facebook page but wanted to share it here too. It's a great article, and if you happened to have gotten married young, like myself, it'll ring true on so many levels. Pretty funny. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and if I don't pop back in here, have a beautiful weekend!