Week 44 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: They have been such troopers with me this week while I’ve been single parenting. I was so happy to be able to take them to Gunnar’s school harvest festival this weekend. Even though he pretty much wants nothing to do with me when he’s with his friends, sometimes I get a smile like this out of him when he spots me. 

*sawyer: This kid has saved me this week. He wakes me up just in case I sleep through my alarm to make sure I can be up to pack lunches and get everyone to school on time. He makes his own fried eggs for breakfast. He has been such a happy and content kid this week, it has made our week go so much smoother than it could’ve gone. 

*greta: She probably feels it the most when Aaron is gone. I think he spoils her pretty good and I don’t even realize all that he does for her until he’s gone and then she’s sadly disappointed with my parenting skills. I think both of us cannot wait for daddy to be home. How cute is she doing the cakewalk at the festival?!