Essential Oil Roll On Blend Recipes for Kids & Adults

It's been awhile since I've posted about our adventure with essential oils. I must say, we use them every single day. Whether we are diffusing a favorite scent, purifying the air, adding them to our shampoo, or rolling Greta's blend on her neck, we use them a lot! I wanted to share how we have been able to make use of blends we have put together and what has worked for us. Sharing is caring! If you have any blends you absolutely love, or a particular use for a certain oil, please share it in the comments!

We just got a pack of these empty roll on applicators and love them. Also, always check the oils that are safe for topical use, I always dilute them in a carrier oil before applying them to my children, but it's always safest to double check! 

For all our blends I tap the oils in first, carefully counting the drops, and then I top it off with carrier oil, filling the rest of the container. I've heard that some people use essential oil funnels, but I have found it not necessary. 

For Kids

Immune Boosting for Kids

We've been using this to keep us healthy during seasonal threats. A swipe on the bottom of the feet before bed! 

Kids Focus Blend {great for school and homework}

Gunnar takes this roll on to school and applies it on his wrists and/or temples throughout the day. He told me recently he pulled it out of his bag and handed it to his friend because she was freaking out about a vocabulary test.  

Anti-Critter Roll On

Roll this on behind the ears and nape of the neck, you can even roll it through the hair to prevent unwanted "guests" from being attracted to you or your kids' hair. They hate the scent of this oil combination.

For Adults

Immunity Boosting

Extra Immune Boost

Worry Reliever

This can be applied at temples, forehead, nape of neck. 

I'm a fan of jojoba or almond oil as my carrier, but fractionated coconut oil is great too. 

Have you ever experimented with a roll on blend with essential oils? There's so many good ones out there! Let me know if you have any must have combinations that you love to use or diffuse. 

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