Week 40 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: He designed these t-shirts for his elective class, it’s running and I still don’t get whose kid he is for liking to run. They have class two times a week, and they run. For the fun of it. 

*sawyer: Too graphic? Not really, I did make it black and white, I have boundaries. It was a scheduled procedure from something we had removed in June. When they did the lab work for it they decided to go back in to be extra conservative and make sure they didn’t leave any cells behind. Hopefully these stitches will come out in a few days. The internal stitches beneath this are dissolvable, hallelujah. Fortunately my kids don’t get squeamish or crazy over needles and knives. 

*greta: Friday night we gave daddy a night off after a few particularly stressful weeks. We told him not to come home after work. He was to go to the gym, grab a bite to eat at the smoothie bar at the gym and then go get a massage. So the kids and I went out to dinner and as we were walking through Century City I turned around and saw this scene of Gunnar and Greta. And it gave me hope that they actually do really love each other. Some days at least. :)

*all photos taken with my iPhone