New This Week

A few fun things happening this week I’d like to share. Do you watch The Voice? I love it. If you watched this week maybe you noticed something familiar in this commercial? Yep, that’s my dining room and kitchen. And all the artwork on the walls? Those are my kids’ masterpieces! Aaron had to sign releases for them to be used, pretty funny. 

I have a few articles on Hello Natural, one is this 3 Step Fall Facial you can do at home. And another is a travel related post. 

I read and shared this article on my Facebook page and think it's worth sharing here. This rings very true for our family. The fact that I can work from home means that Aaron goes to work each day and has the reassurance and comfort that everything is taken care of for the kids. If they get sick at school, if they need to stay home from school, if an emergency strikes, doctor appointments, teacher conferences, you name it, it's taken care of. If I worked outside the home full time I can't imagine how that would impact his schedule and his stress level, he's usually pretty stressed as it is. So if families can make it work where one parent is a stay at home mom or dad, or if one parent can work from home part time or full time, it's truly a gift for the spouse who gets up and leaves the house each and everyday. 

How cute is this little desk project?!

This is a great article on encouraging creative ideas. 

I've got 2 out of 5 that are gluten free in our family, and one of the things Sawyer misses the most are Trader Joe's pumpkin muffins. I've got to try this recipe for him!

A big check off my to do list is I finally, FINALLY edited our family photos from Hawaii we took this summer. That's what the top photo is from. Finally my sister has some photos of the four of them she can print and frame. I have no idea what they were laughing at in that photo, but I'm guessing it was me yelling at them to stop laughing and stand still.