guilty as charged


I'm guilty as charged, I've been absent in this space and it has felt pretty nice. This week I cleared my schedule for a few days and only had one thing to accomplish (that is other than the whole keeping kids fed, alive, taken to and from school, homework part). That one thing was to spend time with dear friends visiting from New York. We met as newly married couples in Brooklyn and have been close ever since. We try to see each other at least every 1-2 years. We have eaten at the yummiest places, stayed up late watching ridiculous television shows, and visited quite a few coffee shops in the area. 

Mission accomplished. But I haven't completely dropped off the surface of the earth. You can always catch what I'm up to on Instagram. And I've written some fun posts on Hello Natural. There's one on natural tea rinses for hair, and another using apples for a few at home beauty treatments. I'm pretty sad that it looks like we have to skip our annual apple picking tradition. October has been awfully busy, and I don't think the apples are going to last into November. So I will wallow in my sorrows with some store bought apples instead. But, I can guarantee there will be some pumpkin buying for sure! And we will make up for apples next year, just you wait...

My fun filled few days end tomorrow with one last delicious breakfast and then it's back to reality of work and chores. But it's been really nice to just hang out and relax with good friends. The picture at the top is everyone pitching in for Monday night family dinner. It was a team effort and I don't think I love my house more than when it's filled with friends all cooking together.

Hoping you all have had a wonderful week, and got through Wednesday hump day!