52 Weeks Project: Week 1 of 52

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A new series for 2014 here on My Life at Playtime is a 52 Weeks Project. I will be posting a photo of each child once a week. I think it'll be awesome to look back through the year and see all the changes in each of them. I have enjoyed this series on several blogs that I follow, so I thought it’s time to participate. I will try to post them on Sunday evenings, but occasionally it may be a day or two late. Eh hem, like right now. :) It'll also be a wonderful reminder to have my real camera handy and to use it! So without further ado, week 1.

*gunnar: reading. always always reading

*sawyer: feeling under the weather so he’s been enjoying some veg out time

*greta: on the mend, and trying desperately to keep her away from her brother’s germs. you can just barely make out her incision under her jaw line