Alt Summit 2014


*photos courtesy of Justin Hackworth, official photographer of Alt Summit

My second year attending Alt Summit was a whirlwind, similar to last year yet so different. The schedule was changed a bit this year and unfortunately we didn’t receive that schedule until most of us had booked our airline tickets. Weather was no joke around this country last week,  Los Angeles was uneventful but wherever my plane was coming from, it must have not been pretty. I got in to Salt Lake just in time to make our sponsor dinner, missing an afternoon of classes. The rest of the week was smooth sailing. 

It was great knowing so many familiar faces this year, and meeting online friends. Hearing their voices, seeing their mannerisms, and listening to so many of them speak on panels was amazing. I definitely went with a different purpose this year. My jaw was no longer on the floor and I wasn’t in awe of the women to my left and right like I was last year. I was just happy to be sitting next to them, but I felt like I belonged there this time. It was great to learn and watch, but more importantly it was great to accomplish why I was there. 

I met so many bloggers from our Creative Mamas community, in fact I met bloggers who are a part of our #creativemamas hashtag on Instagram and that was wonderful to experience. I had goals when I spoke with different brands, and I’m excited to see what’s next. How fun are these creative gals?!


The parties are always a highlight while there. Cricut sponsored one and asked us to dress in green. Crafting was just kicked up a serious notch when they debuted their new machine. And even though Tanya and I aren’t so crafty with the machines, we enjoyed the party thoroughly. 


I wasn’t too concerned with fancy business cards and swapping with as many people as possible. Instead I decided to have real conversations with people, and if organically it felt right to exchange information, we did. And it felt good! It felt good not to try to keep up with some idea of what I should be doing or saying. It felt good to just enjoy myself. Take the classes I wanted to and if I wanted to rest my feet by 10pm I certainly did!

Friday morning I took a great workshop on food photography and I was delighted to meet Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia. She was the photographer who supplied the photos for the article I wrote on Design Mom.


Overall it was a great trip and really informative. Will I attend again next year? I’m not really sure. I think maybe it’s time I invest elsewhere on my blog. But I have walked away from Salt Lake once again feeling that investing in myself  is something I shouldn't skimp on.

I've come to the realization that this space does not take away from anything, nothing is sacrificed for it's existence. In fact, it is a contribution to our family, both financially and creatively. And it's high time I put back into what it's given me. So this year I'm setting the goal of some rebranding and graphic changes. You know me and change, we aren't too friendly, so it might be awhile. But I guarantee, it's on it's way...