Marvel Super Hero Mashers

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mashup hero.jpg

No one, especially my children, will argue that super heroes are pretty awesome. Ok, you can also throw my husband on that list while you're at it. The movies, the games, the figurines, the comics, the countless hours of pretend play of who's who and what's your power, the capes racing down the stairs and through my kitchen, these are all memories in the making.

The Marvel Super Hero Mashers by Hasbro take it up one more level. Now my kids don’t have to choose just one power for their super hero. Nope. They can mash up different hero parts into one figurine. I know I just blew your mind right? Yeah, that's what my kids said too. 

They couldn’t wait to get their hands on these guys, I mean seriously, they couldn’t even let me snap a photo before they started reaching for parts to mash up. 


The pieces are super easy to pop together too. Some toys out there make it hard for little hands to put them together on their own, but the kids had no problem popping each piece off and on over and over and over again. Trading limbs and hands, heads and weapons. Sawyer was pretty thrilled with his “Spider Patriot” creation. But if you were to come to my house right now, you’d see that the figures look completely different since they can’t go more than an hour of playing before switching the pieces up. Iron Patriot all of a sudden can shoot webs while Spiderman uses thrusters to fly. 

mashup super hero.jpg
mashup super hero (1).jpg

The kids have already checked out the available mashers and have added Thor and Wolverine to their wish lists. Oh the possibilities.

Aaron and I often reminisce on our childhoods and how different (i.e. cooler) all the stuff available is today. If you know Aaron, or get the chance to meet him, do me a favor and ask him to tell you about the quilt squares he played with, it’s a funny one and a good reminder that our kids don’t need much to keep themselves entertained. I sincerely think these figurines are going to be in this house for a very long time, or until my nephew comes over and discovers them and asks to “borrow” them. :)


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