Spontaneous Adventure Weekend- yes! spontaneity!

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Remember my whole goal of more adventures, being spontaneous? Well, the kids think we are pretty spontaneous, but I in fact had it planned for a few weeks.

Last Friday we told the kids after school they'd have a surprise to look forward to. I picked them up for school and they saw bags were packed, they asked a bajillion questions. Are we going far? Disneyland? Movies? We didn't tell them a thing. We got in the car and drove 15 minutes away to the W Hotel. The kids had only been there once before, last year for a family winter date. The last time we were there I had entered a photo into an Instagram contest, and low and behold, won a free night at the hotel. And yes, it took an entire year for us to redeem that night. Oh we had plans, anniversary getaway plans. Boys night out plans. But ultimately they kept falling through. After the winter break we had, we were convinced this weekend was meant for some serious fun make up time. 

The kids changed immediately into swimsuits and they spent the afternoon in the water and playing ping pong. After changing we walked to 800 Degrees Pizza just a few blocks away and then finished the night off at Diddy Riese. The next morning we slept in, or I should say I slept in while Aaron and the kids walked to a nearby restaurant for breakfast, followed by more ping pong.

It was quite a fun and unexpected surprise for the kids. And Aaron and I really felt just that one night away, even if it was 15 minutes away, was a little getaway of just what we needed. 

Have you ever made a last minute decision to take a vacation or trip? Or have you surprised someone with a vacation? That's pretty stressful, last year year I surprised Aaron with a weekend away. All worth the extra effort, but still stressful.

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*W Hotel did not sponsor this post, although we received our hotel room compensated, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

*all photos taken with my iPhone because someone (ahem me!) took their camera and forgot to put a memory card in it.