bold.brilliant.beautiful. 2014


I'd like to share a project that some friends of mine are spearheading. I desperately hoped to be a part of it, but this month has been pretty full, tiresome and challenging, so adding anything new to my plate had to be pushed aside. Maybe later on in the year I will participate. But I'm still so thrilled for these ladies and their 2014 Bold Brilliant Beautiful Project. Their inspiring goals, honesty, and enthusiasm will motivate any and all of us. I joined in on Instagram, if you'd like too as well, just upload a picture of yourself and hashtag it #boldbrilliantbeautiful. It's so lovely to see the photos of women that are ready to take this next year on with purpose, intent and determination. Determination not to short change themselves, determination to be confident and unapologetic for their strengths and zeal. Below I've linked to all these powerful blog posts, you might need your tissues handy, or maybe your running shoes, or maybe a mirror. But the one thing they all have in common is their boldness, their brilliance and their beauty. Go get 'em girls!