Tutu & Circle Garland DIY

baby shower garland idea 1.jpg

This weekend I helped host my best friend's baby shower. She is expecting her second daughter soon and we wanted to shower her with some love. The theme of the shower was circles, pom poms, felt balls, dots, you get the idea. 

I really wanted something cute for the gift area. Traditionally, gifts always end up being opened in front of my fireplace, so knowing this, I wanted something cute to be in the background of all the photos. A simple felt ball garland would've been cute, but I wanted something a little more feminine. I was going to gift the baby this tutu so I decided to incorporate it into the decor. 

To make this garland you'll need: 

~embroidery floss


~felt balls

~a way to hang it, I used those picture/wall hanging tape to secure each end on the mantle

It's super simple, thread one side of the embroidery floss into the waist band of the tutu and double knot it. Thread the balls one at a time, evenly spacing them.  

Work on the other side of the tutu the same way. Be sure you have an even amount of balls on each side. When it's ready just attach to the mantle.  

I rested a few books on top of each end just to make it a little more secure.  

baby shower garland idea 2.jpg
tutu menu.jpg