How was your weekend? I saw lots of fun autumnal (that's a word right?) adventures happening on my Instagram feed the last few days. Pumpkin picking, oatmeal cookie baking, apple orchard journeys, mantle decorating. We had our own 'welcome to fall' family date at Riley's Farm on Saturday. I can't wait to show you as soon as I load my big camera's photos. It's one of my favorite days of the year. And this year was no exception, glorious weather in the 70s, sunshine, and my husband's amazing packed picnic lunch and road trip playlist. Can't get much better than that. I want to say this was our 5th annual visit to Riley's, but I'll need to check the archives and get back to you.

In great news, my washer is quite the fancy washer now. We're talking delayed wash, tumble fresh, digital numbers  !  In terrible news, guess what also broke? Our hot water heater! I'm not joking, but I wish I were. When it rains it monsoons, people! We woke up to a flooded garage, and leaky water heater. This month alone, since it's still technically September, we've had a broken A/C unit, washing machine death, and now a hot water heater loss! This has been a bad bad month in the home owner's maintenance book. I'm afraid to say 'what else can go wrong?' because I actually said that 72 hours ago, and then well, you know, a lot else did go wrong. But it's just stuff, so we aren't sweating it too much. Not that we aren't sweating the cost, that's kind of ridiculous and laughable at the moment. I mean seriously, do you know how many 'emergency' funding situations this is covering all in ONE month!? Laughing is better than crying right? However, washing your hair in cold water is really a crying situation if you ask me.

Let's hope this week heads in an upward direction, because seriously, it can't go down right?! RIGHT!? 

Posting might be on the lighter side again this week, I'm trying to make a few deadlines for an exciting project I'm contributing on. I can't wait to share it all with you, but it's just not there yet. I'm a lot more active on my Facebook page, I pop in there several times a day with cool links, photos, and fun stuff, so if this space is way too quiet head on over there and say hi.

Hope you all had a glorious fall weekend!