only thursday?


Yes, it's only Thursday my friends. Thursday in a very long week it seems. The above photo I snapped yesterday to show you all what real life looks like some days.

Real life looks like this when your washing machine dies. Like it really really dies, it dies on Tuesday which happens to be your biggest laundry day, including your sheets day for the kids. Uniform washing and PE clothes washing day as well. 

Real life looks like this when your afternoon consists of a 2:30 pickup, a 3:30 pickup, a 4:00 pickup, guitar lessons at 4, 4:30, and 5, a second grade book report, a fourth grade project, photo shoot projects all needing attention, all to be accomplished by 5:15pm which is when your first facial client arrives and your last one leaves at 9:15pm. That was my yesterday.

And through all that I need to take a note from sweet Greta who is smiling in this picture. Her day was no less busy. School all day starting at 8:11am, followed by her zoo keeper class (yes she takes a zoo keeper class!), followed by her guitar lesson (yes she takes guitar now!), followed by homework, dinner, and bedtime. She still smiles.  

So that is my goal the next time my day resembles this, still smile.  Still smile, because the washing machine got replaced, the laundry will get done, the articles will get written, the photographs taken, the reports will be completed, and your clients will still leave with beautiful skin. Just smile...