Family Wedding Weekend


This weekend Aaron and I took a quick trip to his hometown in Minnesota for his youngest brother's wedding. It was so nice to see so many friends and family we haven't seen in awhile, and it was so nice to get some time with Aaron. The two hour ride from the airport and back was great to just talk and connect. Speaking of car rides, we rented the cutest Mini Cooper! Here's a few photos of our time this weekend. 

editwedding 1.jpg
final (2).jpg

One of my very talented sister in laws made this cake from scratch!

editwedding 5.jpg
editwedding 4.jpg
editwedding 6.jpg

**update: so I think I've figured out the quality issues, but sizing may be inconsistent until I get the hang of it.  

*on a side note you may notice the photo sizes being different recently, I've been having some problems with pixelated (unsharp) images when I load them to the blog. working on it with tech support but for now it may take a bit longer to load, but hopefully the images are clearer. hang in there with me :) but if they are so annoyingly oversized, do me a favor and TELL ME!!