Palomar 2013

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This year we had an extra day of exploring which meant more hikes, more kicking back, more time on the rope swing, and we even were able to check out the Junior Ranger Program. If your campground offers this for kids, check it out! 

Greta and I had a run in with Stinging Nettle which was new to all of us. We are always so concerned to steer clear of the poison oak, we never even heard of Stinging Nettle! It happened on our first hike Saturday morning, Greta's whole leg swelled up in hives and my hand as well. I took her to the ranger station who instructed us to go back to camp, poor cold water on it, then use duct tape to wax off the tiny needles. It worked and after an hour we were back on the hike catching up with everyone. 

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Yes, below is a tarantula. As we were driving up the road to the campground my husband spotted him crossing the road. So what did he do with it? Scooped him up in a few bowls we had and brought him to the campsite to show all the kids! 

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