Baby Sofia's Circle Themed Shower

baby shower cake polka dots.jpg

Let's talk about this cake for a second. When we decided on the circle/felt ball/pom pom theme we knew the cake had to reflect this. Can you just die at the fondant circles?! And the little banner was made by Jane's sister with a visit to Michael's for the supplies. If you are in the L.A. area I'll share a little bakery secret with all of you. We've all died over the cakes from Suzie's and Vanilla Bake Shop. But did you know that Viktor Bene's Bakery inside Gelson's at Century City makes some of the most delicious and adorable cakes ever. We've used them for the girl's Lalaloopsy Cake. And trust me, there wasn't a single person who didn't rave about how delicious the cake was. 

baby shower cake polka dots (1).jpg
baby shower cake polka dots (2).jpg

The flowers were to die for too, Jane has some extremely talented friends let me tell you, and it was so lovely to throw it with such a great group of girls.  

baby shower flowers (1).jpg
baby shower flowers.jpg

For drinks we served alcoholic and non-alcoholic mimosas, and water with cucumber, lemon and mint.

baby shower drinks.jpg
baby shower mimosas.jpg

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful friend. 

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