i've given in....

You may or may not have noticed a few minor changes on the blog. For instance in the sidebar on the left and at the bottom of this post, you will see four little icons. One is new. That's because I finally broke down and created a facebook page all of it's own for My Life at Playtime.  

I have been avoiding doing this for so long and for reasons I don't even think I actually know, but I bit the bullet and gave in. This last year with the blog growth and new opportunities happening, I realized the need for a place where I can share things on facebook with readers, where they in turn can reshare with their friends, and so on. I didn't know the importance of a facebook following until I had to fill out a lot of pesky questionnaires about the blog, and whenever it would ask me about FB, i would have to put zero. And after a lot of these, I gave in. 

So there you have it. We are on facebook! The way I intend to use facebook, is well, undetermined ha! But I don't want to use it as a place that is just blog info regurgitated. I do plan to use it to share links of other sites and photos that I think readers would enjoy. And I'd love to see some dialogue on there as well. Maybe I'll use it to share work in progress photos, host giveaways, share some Instagram photos from my public feed. Who knows. If there's something you'd like to see on the page let me know! It is  for all of you actually!

Just click on any of these icons below and it'll take you to my pages on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Twitter is something I haven't really utilized much, so beware I am on there rarely, and usually to just get my HuffPo and UsWeekly info. But that's on my list of things to tackle next. The list is quite long no?