Party Signage DIY

party sign DIY (1).jpg

This is my last party tutorial for the week! I wanted something fun and helpful at the party to direct guests to the different areas we had set up. Since we threw the party at my parents' house, a good majority of the guests had never been there before. This little sign was my idea to help guide them to all the fun spots.

It was very inexpensive and simple to make. You'll need three long dowels, a hot glue gun, some wire, thread, and sign boards. I picked up the wood signs at Michaels along with the dowels. The signs are very very soft and looks like wood but I'm pretty sure they are imitation, and are made of some foam board. They are inexpensive and cost only $2-3 per board. The whole sign cost under $10 to make. 

I bought 2 longer boards and then sawed them in half to create 4 different signs.  

I found a font in Word that I liked, and adjusted the type size until it fit just right on the sign. Since the board is very soft, I just traced over the letters with a sharp pencil, when I lifted the paper off, there was a nice clear indentation of the letters. 

party sign DIY 1.jpg

The black sharpie bled a little bit, so I found it better to outline with a black pen and then go back and fill the letters in with a sharpie. I used rulers to guide me for the arrows.

party sign DIY 2.jpg
party sign DIY 3.jpg

We had four different places or "stations" so to speak, so here's what the signs looked like in progress. 

party sign DIY 4.jpg

Next, we needed holes to attach twine so that each sign hung from the one above it. The top sign needed only 2 holes, one on each side near the bottom. And the last sign needed only 2 holes, one on each side of the top. The other two signs needed 4 holes total. Attach your twine so the knots are in the back.

party sign DIY 5.jpg

In the photo below you can see how the first sign was attached. We hot glued a smaller piece of wood to the dowels and then once that was dry and secure we then hot glued the first sign and laid it directly on top of the small piece of wood. This way it would be sturdy and keep from swinging too much. This meant the top sign was stationary, and the hanging three signs were a little more movable.

I wrapped wire around the dowels near the top, and made sure to wrap wire under the dowels as well to keep the dowels from getting wobbly. You can also add a little piece of foam or circular piece of wood to keep the dowels all spaced apart evenly. 

party sign DIY.jpg

And that my friends is how we kept guests from getting lost, and making sure they didn't forget about any of the fun events at the party. It was a big hit at the party and everyone thought this sign was professionally made and painted. 

party sign DIY (2).jpg