Here & There

I'm popping in with a non-party post to just share where else you can find My Life at Playtime this week. I have a fun 3D art lesson on Classic Play where we incorporated origami into our artwork.  


I woke up Tuesday morning to a fun feature over on Apartment Therapy of Greta's room renovation we did this summer.  

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 7.33.38 PM.png

And then Wednesday came quick, and the boys' bedroom was shared on Apartment Therapy! It's just one big week of love for bedrooms in this house I guess. 


Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 7.31.41 PM.png

It's really nice to see my work on Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites. It feels good to know that people are noticing what I do. My cheeks get flushed and my heart beats a little faster when I come across links and photos that originate here on this little blog. I also feel like my time spent on the blog is finally worth it. It's finally "paying me back" and has transformed from hobby and personal endeavor into a side job for me. This is a lot of rambling and just a really long way to say THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY HERE! xo