Napkin Stamping & Utensil DIY

napkin stamping DIY.jpg

More DIY goodness today from Gunnar's graduation party. 

We served root beer floats for dessert and since the menu was super simple (taco cart for dinner) I decided the dessert utensils should be unique. I couldn't find napkins that really made me swoon, so I decided to make my own. 

For the utensils, I had these wooden spoons leftover in my pantry from my sister's shower, so I decided to use a sharpie and draw little mustaches and arrows on them. Add a little washi tape to these sturdy cups and they were ready for the root beer floats.

party utensil (1).jpg

Next was the napkins. I used foam board and an exacto knife to cut out little stamps of a mustache and arrow. The mustache stamps came out the best once I started stamping. I just used acrylic paint in red and blue. I did have to repaint the mustache before each time I stamped, but in all, about 80 napkins only took about an hour and a half to stamp.

napkin stamping.jpg
napkin stamping (1).jpg

The end result was super cute napkins. And together with the cups and wooden spoons, they were exactly what I was going for. If you would like to see our dessert bar for Sawyer's Graduation party, click here. And here for Greta's ice cream sundae bar. 

party utensil.jpg