life lately


This photo pretty much sums up how I've felt lately. Every year I feel like adjusting back to school is so hard. I talk to people and most say, "wow, now you have all day to yourself again!" As much as you'd think that's the case, not so much. Eventually yes, but right now it's just a crazy time.  

The first few weeks are when I fulfill the bulk of my responsibility at the kids' elementary school, once this week is over I can hopefully sigh and get into a normal routine. 

The first few weeks are also full of Back to School Nights, now two schools so two nights. This year I got to add in middle school schedule changes, an extra pickup in the afternoon, remembering things like clean PE clothes and meter money for Gunnar's school parking situation. ;) From 2-4pm every day I am in a car getting kids, which I honestly don't mind, that's our new normal and I'm embracing it. It just makes for a longer day. When kids can't start homework until after 4, everything is condensed and some days there just isn't enough time. 

Our schedule is no doubt going to alter soon since Greta will start playing an instrument, and both Greta and Sawyer have decided to take an afterschool class, jr. zookeeper for one(yes, you read that correctly) and woodworking for the other. This is in addition to the boys' guitar lessons after school. But I am trying to just take a deep breath and rely on my trusty paper calendar. Oh yeah, I'm old school like that. I use iCal too but it crashed once and I lost everything, so now I have backup.

That's a lot of rambling for an odd Tuesday morning. But if this place is a little quiet, I wanted you all to know that I'm not drinking daquiris on a beach somewhere, but just staring at Excel spreadsheets, organizing too many things, and sitting in a car for too long...