back to school

School isn't supposed to start before Labor Day where I come from. They changed the rules. School started TO-DAY! So in an effort to ward off my depression that our days of sleeping in and hanging in our pajamas til dinner are over, I'm going to share some 'back to school' goodness with all of you.  

I've decided that no matter what kind of backpack you get, expect to spend $40 to get you through the school year. For Greta, she'd rather have a cheap backpack when school starts, and then rip it to threads by winter break, followed by another cheap backpack to get her til June. She chose this Target backpack for her first day of school.


Sawyer on the other hand likes a nice, expensive, sturdy backpack that will last all year long. In fact, this Skullcandy backpack that we bought for around $40 last year, is in use for ANOTHER year. We just washed it in delicate and it looks brand new. I love that my boys are willing to reuse their backpacks if they still look good. My daughter, she'd balk at the thought!


Who doesn't love a brand new pencil box filled with new Sharpies? I put together new pencil boxes for each kid, and filled it with Sharpies, scissors, glue, crayons, everything that seems to go missing after the first week of school. 


Do you have any back to school traditions? Any special spot you take first day of school photos? We take photos every year on the first day of school. However this year was very very sad, as I had only TWO of my three starting school on the same day. My 6th grader was still in bed when we took this photo.  

first day of school.jpg

Any after first day of school traditions? I had a slew of photos on my Instagram feed of families celebrating their first day with ice cream, shaved ice, or treats. We had Sprinkles cupcakes. It just so happened my mom was at the grove this morning and they just so happen to have a Sprinkles depot there, and I just so happened to ask my mama to pick us up some celebratory goodies.