American Girl Lunch dejavu

american girl.jpg

One of the things to do in my Family Guide to Los Angeles is to take your daughter to the Grove and experience the American Girl store. The last time we ate here, Greta was three and a half. Do me a favor and take a look at the above photo and then click here and see my peanut in the exact same spot! 

Cue the tears! I loved that she was just as much in awe at the store this time as the last time. We brought one of her dolls and went to the beauty parlor to get her hair done. After a few years of play, their hair gets trashed let me tell you. And it was well worth the $15 to have them do it! She also was looking forward to bringing Saige home. After watching the Saige AG movie on TV, and drooling over the catalog for months, we agreed that Saige would be added to the collection.  

american girl lunch 2.jpg

Let me just warn you, my mom is a sucker for American Girl dolls, I mean she has a hard time holding herself back from every corner of that store! Needless to say, we brought home more than we intended to.  

american girl lunch 4.jpg

One tip I will share with all of you, these carriers from Target are awesome. I found them on sale last week and they are not just cute, but keep the dolls organized when they aren't being played with. Really really worth it. Lunch still hasn't improved much since our first adventure there, but Greta wouldn't tell you that. She'd tell you what a perfect day she had. 

american girl lunch 3.jpg