Costume Party

I feel like I have some summer fun catching up to do on the blog. We've taken our last summer vacation, had our last summer beach day, our last summer party, and now the first day of school is staring us all in the face. I am still not used to this "go back to school the middle of August" concept. It's still summer, and we feel jipped.  

But enough complaining. Here's some really cute photos of us being festive for a costume party we went to last month. I had every intention of all 5 of us going as a family of snails, but the whole 'make the costume' thing didn't pan out when I realized I needed actual time  to make the costumes. So we went with store bought, party supply, and raid your nephew's toy box for these. Oh and don't mind Gunnar's uncomfortable 'smile', that mustache wasn't too comfy we found out...

costume party 2.jpg
costume party.jpg
costume party 1.jpg