Photo Booth Backdrop with Metallic Fringe DIY

photo booth 2.jpg

We do occasions B I G in this house! You graduate preschool? We party. You got potty trained? We party. You can read? We party. 

This week will be dedicated to a few DIYs I did for our most recent celebration, somebody is no longer an elementary schooler.  <sigh>

So I had B I G plans for a photo booth backdrop for Gunnar's graduation party. Plan B quickly surfaced when I realized I didn't have time the day of the party to blow up 75 balloons and strategically place them at different levels for the vision I had intended. I had one afternoon to make the backdrop and that happened to be 2 days prior to the party. Deflated, falling balloons was a risk I wasn't going to take. 

Insert 60 feet of metallic fringe garlands and double sided sticky tape.  Excuse the iphone shot in line at Party City.


Each garland was 20 feet long, I got 3 packs in 3 different colors. I borrowed a black sheet from a friend with poles for it to hang from and clamps. Now I just needed to figure out how to space everything out. 

I folded the sheet so it was about 5-6 feet wide and 10 feet long. Then I laid it out flat on the floor. I laid out a few layers of garland to see how many I would need to make it about 7 feet tall. They were 15 inches from top to bottom, so I tried to layer them over the next garland 6-8 inches.  I left about 3 feet of plain black sheet so that I could fold it and lay that on the floor. It helped give people a guide of where to stand for photos.

photo booth 5.jpg
photo booth 4.jpg

I ended up having just enough garland. Once I knew I had enough I used double sided stick tape to adhere it to the sheet. And then I crossed my fingers and toes that once I lifted it up (with help) it would stick. And it did!

photo booth 3.jpg

The fringe garlands were $7.99 each, and one roll of stick tape was $4.99. The props cost me about $30, so in all, this backdrop with props was around $60. And it provided hours of entertainment for adults and kids of all ages. Once I came home and loaded all the photos from the photo booth, I sent all party goers a link with the photos so they could download whichever ones they wanted. 

photo booth.jpg
photo booth backdrop.jpg
photo booth backdrop (1).jpg
photo booth 1.jpg