NAMES... let us discuss


Let's talk.... N A M E S

Specifically baby names.

Gunnar woke me up this morning asking to turn on CNN. What 11 year old wants to watch CNN?! My 11 year old. Since the birth of Prince William and Kate's baby he has been all over the news watching coverage of it. It's pretty cute he's so interested. I've mentioned it before, but he absolutely loves history. So the idea of being alive and watching the whole royal procedure of everything unfold is thrilling to him. The funny and very 'proper' way has him tickled. 

What was the news my son was so anxiously awaiting?! The NAME! The baby has a name! What do you think of Prince George Alexander Louis? So official. So proper. So English. So king-ish. What really surprised me is how George was the NUMBER 1 pick for the baby's name. How do people know that? I guess the royal family is more predictable than most. And the King Georges of their line have been favorable is what I gather. 

I keep thinking what a weight on their shoulders, especially Kate. It was hard enough for ME to carry and give birth to a normal (albeit perfect) baby let alone someone that the world is going to scrutinize and hold on a pedestal.

But I would like the responsibility of naming. I love naming people. I take that job extremely serious and put a lot of thought into a name. Maybe it's because my name, Deborah, sorry mom, is just so SO blah. Nothing special. Nothing original. Sure you don't hear it anymore, because well, why would you? B O R I N G. I already said sorry mom. :)

Do you have a story of how you named your child or what/who your name is named after? 

I'll share Gunnar's story with all of you. . . 

We had just arrived in Italy to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary. I had found out a few days prior that we were expecting. Quite a shock to both of us let me tell you. We were living in New York and were meeting my parents in Tuscany. We wanted to tell them the news in person. I don't fly well and when they picked us up at the train station they weren't surprised that I was physically green. I mean really green. Like 'pull over and vomit on the side of the road in every province of Italy' green.  

We wanted to tell them before dinner that evening so we went to their hotel room. We started to talk, and then I just began crying. My mom knew right away and was pretty much doing leaps and spins in the air.  

Pretty much immediately we were discussing names. I really loved the name Noah if we had a boy. It wasn't very common then and I just loved everything about it. Almost immediately my dad suggested Gunnar, and Aaron totally latched on to that. At first I said no way! It was so...scandinavian and harsh sounding. Then I was politely reminded he was going to be 3/4 Scandinavian. Oh yeah, forgot about that part. We also discussed girl names and for sure her middle name would've been Brooklyn. We loved it, and not to mention we were living in Brooklyn at the time.

The name Gunnar slowly grew on me and I thought it was sweet that Aaron have a say in naming his first son. And possibly only son since we didn't know what the future held for us. Once we discovered he was indeed a boy we took my father's name for his middle name and decided on Gunnar. I absolutely love his name now. It's a cool name. It's a strong name. It's a unique name but not hard to say or spell. It met all my quota for name requirements. 

Do you have any requirements you use when picking a name? Does it have to start with a particular letter or end with a certain sound? I am a fan of girl names that end in "a", I think they are feminine. And I also love boy names for girls. I am not into the whole same letter for every kid, and had to come to terms with two Gs in our family. Fortunately an S separates the two Gs however. 

Do you have any names stashed somewhere? I do. I learned my lesson well when one of our names was 'stolen'. Not that we plan to have any more children, but my lips are sealed from now on.