Family Friendly Vacation Destinations

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While my family spends some time on a little vacation this week I thought it'd be fun to discuss family vacations. I don't think people really understand what taking a family on vacation actually entails until you've experienced it yourself. In fact, we actually took a break from flying for a few years after Greta turned about 2 years old. We had flown to Hawaii, and with two ER trips while on the island, we reevaluated what our family vacations would look like. I'm happy to say the break only lasted 2 years, but it was a good thing we analyzed what our family needed at the time.  

Now that my kids are getting older, one of our favorite things to do is take them to see new places and experience new things. But we are pretty limited as far as our location is concerned and budget. So I decided to put together a little list of awesome family friendly vacation spots from bloggers I trust. 

South Padre Island, Texas- When I think of water park resort I don't really think of reclaimed wood and sustainable materials, needless to say, when I read this post I was so pleasantly surprised with how they recycle water and care for the environment.

Northwest Montana: Whitefish Mountain Resort- I've only driven through Montana, and not the whole state, just what is on the other side of Idaho, but I sure think my family would love a trip here. And after seeing these photos, and the Aerial Adventure Park, I know my kids would love it. And here's another Montana vacation that looks so perfect for my family. How gorgeous is that scenery!

Pennsylvania-Amish Country: Way further east, this family vacation looks awesome, and Jen has links and recommendations for sites to see, places to eat, and must do items for your list. I really think my kids would just flip at seeing how communities like the Amish function and live and the craftsmanship that is found there. 

Washington, D.C.- This has been on our family list, or I could say my  list for awhile. I've never been to D.C. But the age my kids are now, I know that they would be in heaven at all the museums and historical sites. My boys are obsessed with history, and I know they would love every inch of that city. 

Palms Springs, California- Sometimes you just need to be in the desert. Sometimes you need to feel the warmth of the sun and stay in the pool all day. Palm Springs is a place that we love to visit as a family, and the windmills as you enter the city are one of the best sites to see. 

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Ogunquit, Maine- We often talk about visiting Maine as a big family trip and this trip will explain why. I love the small town feel of this vacation, and yet you get beach, fun and lobster too! Oh Gunnar would just die for fresh lobster. More photos of this family's trip to Maine can be found here

Paris, France- Yes, I did just type Paris as a family friendly vacation. I personally haven't been to Paris since I was 18 years old. We all know my daughter's affinity for this city, and her dream of living here one day. Seeing this trip through Jillian's eyes, I'm sold on taking my kids to Paris one day. Cooking workshop for kids? Family bike tour? Parisian carousel? 

Laguna Niguel, California- If you are in Southern California and looking for that quintessential beach vacation spot, this is your place. Who says fancy hotels don't cater to kids? Club level is worth every penny to give your kids the freedom to get drinks and snacks, keep their own hotel room key, and feel a little independent.

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Yosemite National Park, California- I created a little guide after our Spring trip here last year. But for photos from our trip you can see them here, here, and here. If you want to stay in Yosemite Valley, check out campgrounds or Ahwahnee Lodge or Yosemite Lodge. Otherwise Tenaya Lodge in Fish Camp was a great spot for our family with an indoor pool and easy access to the park. 

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Ojai, California- This is one of our family's absolute favorite places to vacation. Summer and fall are our favorite times of year. Think horback riding, bike trails, hiking, golf, swimming, small town, gorgeous weather. I post vacation photos on the blog every year from Ojai, so feel free to search Ojai in the search tab and see videos and photos from our many trips here. 

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Morocco- Seriously dreaming here, but if you're located in Europe or closeby, you have to check out this family friendly vacation spot. I love that you can combine a city trip with a mountain one, not to mention the colors, the textiles. Just gorgeous. 

San Diego, California- Children's museums, awesome parks, farmers market. San Diego is such a fun place to visit. It's not too far from us but it steals feels like vacation. Bonnie gives great suggestions in this glimpse into her city. 

So where are you wishing you were traveling to this year? We had our big east coast trip this summer, and Canada in the winter, so we are staying close to home this week. But we are visting one of the spots I've listed above. I can't wait to share it with all of you when we return. Or you can cheat and look at the Instagram photos in the sidebar (@mylifeatplaytime). We are itching for another big family vacation where to get on a plane but first we have to pay off the last one we took. :)

I'll be taking the rest of the week off, but will be back next week with fun party DIYs to share.  In the meantime, take the week to peek at all of these awesome vacation spots and blogs. I know you will appreciate the ladies behind these blogs as much as I do.