Endeavour Space Shuttle Visit

california science center 9.jpg

We made good on our summer bucket list item to visit the Endeavour Space Shuttle which is being housed at the California Science Center. I recently wrote about the Science Center in my Family Guide to L.A. and I am so happy I included it in there, it is a "must see" for everyone. With or without kids. I highly recommend reserving and printing your tickets online, although the day we went was not very busy at all. But we've been disappointed before, stood in line for tickets, only to be told that they were sold out for the day. So better to be prepared. 

I knew my kids would be excited to see it upclose and in person, but I didn't expect for myself to be so excited about the whole experience.  

california science center 8.jpg
california science center 7.jpg

One of my kids in particular was very serious about the whole experience. He was put off a tad that the others weren't taking the whole thing as epic-ly as they should. He called it a "once in a lifetime experience" several times this afternoon while reprimanding the other three. The pictures speak for themselves. 

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The sheer awe this boy was in the entire time just melted me. I loved loved loved seeing him so happy. The entire way home this day he kept commenting on how happy he was because it was just the best day.  

california science center 3.jpg
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