Backyard ART Camp: Kandinsky Circle Lesson for Kids

kandinsky 7 copy.jpg

I'm so excited to be a part of the Backyard Art Camp created by Jane and Melissa. There are bloggers from all over that are participating, and this week it's my turn. I have had the little button on my sidebar for a few weeks now, so be sure to check out the lessons that have already been started. 

I'm excited to introduce your kids to an artist named Wassily Kandinsky, a famous Russian artist, specifically a painter. Kandinsky was fascinated with color as a child, and as he got older, his fascination grew too! He loved music and art, and he actually combined the two to create his masterpieces. 

So if you'd like to grab your phone and find a Pandora station of Classical music, go right ahead. Maybe it'll inspire you while you work! 

I've collected a few paintings that Kandinsky created and put them all in one place on a Pinterest board.  Check out how color really changes the mood of each painting. I like to guess how he was feeling when he painting each piece. Do you think he was happy, sad, maybe angry or surprised? We are going to use this one here as our inspiration for today's art lesson. 




You'll need black construction paper and as many other colors of construction paper as you'd like, and glue sticks.  

First you'll want your child to create circles of all different sizes and colors. I'm a fan of letting kids just freehand circles. I think it's great for their motor control skills to cut shapes of all sizes.

kandinsky 1.jpg

To have circles of varying size, it might be a good idea to have your child hold a smaller circle on the construction paper and then they can try to cut a larger circle around it. But each kid can come up with their own method for varying the size.

kandinsky 3.jpg

Once your child is happy with the placement of your circles go ahead and secure them with your gluestick. The inspiration painting was 4 x 3 rows of circles, but let your child be the guide for how many they'd like to create. My kids were pretty happy with a 3 x 3 grid.

kandinsky 4.jpg
kandinsky 5.jpg

And that my friend is your very own Kandinsky masterpiece!

kandinsky 8.jpg
kandinsky 9.jpg

Be sure to check in with Jane and Melissa to find out who is hosting the next art lesson!