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While we were in New York City we managed to see quite a bit. The first day the kids thought their feet would fall off, but by the second day they were used to all the walking. Some of the highlights of what we saw: 

~Central Park

~Ate at Shake Shack & Dylan's Candy Bar & Morimoto

~Walked Chelsea Market

~Grand Central Station

~Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

~Freedom Tower

~Brooklyn Bridge Park and Carousel

~Walked the new pier at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade & nature walk

~Ice cream at Brooklyn Pier

~Hi Line in Chelsea

~& walked walked walked & walked some more

~& ate ate ate & ate some more

new york city 1.jpg
new york city 6.jpg
new york city 5.jpg
new york city 3.jpg
new york city 4.jpg

Showing our kids the city we met and fell inlove in, the place we spent the first year of our marriage, the coffee shops we frequented and the subway lines we rode was pretty surreal. But the best part was being with friends who were there for it all, and who are still there now.  

Next up, our time in upstate New York... 

*this is where i sigh and tear up that I don't have photos of most of these two days, but it's true, I have the memories in my heart.