surviving summer


Are you guys surviving summer? We have been having quite the heatwave in Southern California lately. I know it pales in comparison to the triple digits where some people live, but it's been hot hot hot. 

There's so much summer goodness out there in the blogosphere right now. Here are some of my favorite links to keep you busy this summer: 

 ~Cool Whip painting? Yes please 

~Jillian did a great roundup of summer activities for kids

~Lemonade stand ideas here and here 

 ~Free neighborhood printable could bring hours and hours of play

~Delicious recipe for Watermelon Popsicles

~Heading camping this summer? My 101 guide to camping found here 

 ~Roadtripping this summer? Check out this adorable free Travel Bingo printable

 ~This DIY travel art roll is so cute 

~Craft a bug house with your kids

Hope some of these neat projects and ideas can make your summer not just bearable but really enjoyable. I am amazed daily by what these women create, their talent, their creativity, it's inspirational.