Cape Cod


Since we returned from our east coast adventure it's been non stop go go go. Putting the house back together. My niece's arrival which was then followed by newborn photo shoots, and lots of cuddles every spare moment I get. Throw in summer stuff like beach trips and swimming, doctor appointments, and work. It's been busy.  

I'm just now able to sift through our photos and I realized that an entire CF card to my camera is missing or was deleted. I cried for two days. And just now I'm able to log back on to my computer and look at photos without tearing up. Two days of adventuring in New York City is gone just like that. We have our iphone photos but that is it. We have our walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and then a few shots in Chelsea one night, and everything in between is gone. Central Park, Grand Central Station, Dylan's Candy Bar, and everything in between. 

At least we have our memories. Aaron tried to cheer me up one night and tell me that he kind of likes that it was a part of our trip just for "us". Not me. Photos are my whole jam on vacation. But I am thankful that the rest of our trip was documented.  

The photo above was taken in Cape Cod. People, this was someone's backyard. Her name is Danielle and I swear her property is like my dream. Her garden? Ridiculously gorgeous. It was like I was walking through a magazine. I don't think she'll mind me posting this peek of her garden. I was drooling you guys. AND she has chickens, swings, and then steps that lead to that gorgeous lake. I am trying to talk her into creating her own blog, because trust me, you all and myself would read it!

cape cod.jpg

The beach in Cape Cod was so quaint and exactly what I had in my mind for what Cape Cod beaches should look like. Even their bathroom was adorable. Yes, their public bathroom! They don't even call it a bathroom, there's an adorable wooden sign on it that says "bath house". 

cape cod bathhouse.jpg

Another part of the beach that this West Coast girl fell inlove with was the long grass that leads right onto the sand. We don't have that where I come from. I am used to parking lots, and then boardwalk, and then sand sand sand sand water. 

dowses beach cape cod.jpg
dowses beach cape cod (1).jpg

The kids were pretty much in heaven the entire trip. But this part of our trip was extra special because they were able to meet in person a family that we talk to them about a lot. Aaron's first roommate in New York, and his wife have 4 children. Exact same ages as my three, plus one more tagged on after Greta. They played from dawn til dusk each day. It was so memorable to see our two families blend and play. Throw in a first sparkler for my little girl and add on a trampoline and you have heaven on earth. 


You may recognize this family from a few year's ago. I was able to take their family photos in Central Park when Aaron and I were in New York for our 10 year anniversary. This trip has really been many years in the making. And memorable doesn't begin to describe it. Thank you! We miss you guys a lot...

cape cod (1).jpg