This is the part when I get to say how great 33 feels, right? That my thirties are way better than my twenties. That I'm older and wiser now. That I've got it all figured out.

Well...I don't. I don't have it all figured out. To be honest my twenties were pretty great. I experienced a decade chock full of life. Marriage. Babies x 3. Two coasts I was able to call home. A home of our own. It was a full decade. And my thirties have been full as well. But a very different kind of full. Full of watching and guiding three children who are very unique and very joyful. Full of decisions I hoped I would never face. Full of second guessing those decisions. Full of doubt that I am or am not the mother I hoped my children would have. Full of tears and laughter. Full of recitals and school performances. Full of teacher conferences and field trips. Full of dance lessons and homework.

And yet through all this, I've found my thirties to be the most me.  I am the most comfortable in my skin that I've ever been. I am accepting of my face, my body. I see the fine lines around my eyes and mouth that I honestly thought would never appear. I look in the mirror now and see these lines as proof of all the years of smiles and laughter that I've been blessed with. And despite all the second guessing I may do when it comes to mothering, I am confident that the me my children wake up to each and every day is a mother that strives to do her best.

So this is 33...I'm ready for you....