how to update mounted antlers

wall antlers.jpg

One of the room updates for Greta's room was remounting a pair of antlers that were in poor condition. Aaron had done some work around the house for my grandparents and instead of paying him for the bulbs and switches, Aaron told him he could give him this old pair of antlers that he found in my grandpa's garage.  

It needed some repair, so he reglued the antlers so they were sturdy again, and resanded the piece of wood that we would eventually attach them to. 

To spruce up the wood piece I went back and forth on painting it or leaving it plain, in the end we decided just to spray paint the edging for an unexpected pop of color. We taped the front of the mount that was newly sanded with blue painters tape. Laid it face side down (tape side down) and spray painted the edges all the way around.  

refinish antlers 1.jpg
refinish antlers 2.jpg

Next I used a high gloss white spray paint by Rustoleum for the antlers. I did several really light coats and then let dry for a few hours. 

refinish antlers 3.jpg
refinish antlers 4.jpg

We used hot glue to attach them to the wood mount and then they were ready to hang. 

mounted antlers.jpg
refinish antlers 5.jpg

Her room is just about there. Can't wait to share more of it soon with all of you. It's no longer my baby's room, but a big girl's room. {cue tears}