Hanging Triangle Garland

hanging garland 3.jpg

The big project for Greta's room update was this hanging tree branch with metallic triangle garlands. My inspiration was this garland from West Elm. But I wanted it to be more colorful so I decided to make my own. I loved the tree branch idea I used for my sister's baby shower, so I knew a smaller branch would be ideal to hang it from.

You'll need : origami paper, ruler, scissors, and a sewing machine

I first chose a mixture of metallic and flat origami paper in a variety of colors. I used two different methods for the garlands.  

The first was taking the origami paper and cutting out squares that were 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Then I just folded them in half, this ensured that the color on both sides of the triangle would be the same when we sewed the strand together.  

triangle garland how to 1.jpg
triangle garland how to 2.jpg

The other method I used was to make them more colorful. I didn't fold them in half. Instead I cut them straight into triangles, 2.5 in by 2.5 in. and then measured a straight line from point to point. Each side of the triangle is a different color, so when they hang, and turn, both colors will show.

triangle garland how to 1 (1).jpg
triangle garland how to 2 (1).jpg

Decide on the color combination you would like and lay them out. For my strands I used about 40 triangles per strand. To utilize the most of the origmai pieces I ended up with triangles that were slightly smaller than the original 2.5 inches, but I liked the variety so I kept them. 

triangle garland how to.jpg

You can stitch them together with clear wire or light colored thread. It took approx. 40 for the length of my garlands, and I did 10 strands.

I liked the look of the triangles pointing down, and I discovered it was much easier to sew the triangles from the flat side to the point of the triangle. Otherwise the tip of the triangle would fold and bend. So feed the triangles all the same direction, long straight edge first to triangle point, down the center. Leave plenty of thread when you begin, and then use the extra thread to tie them onto the tree branch or whatever you are hanging them from. 

hanging garland 2.jpg
hanging garland 1.jpg