Boys' Shared Room

shared boys room.jpg

This summer I have a nice hefty list of re-dos, changes, and updating around the house to be done. First was some repainting which was done while we were on vacation. No color changes, but after 8 years with 3 kids, our walls really really needed some freshening up. The kids room, hallway, living room and kitchen walls all were done. It's so nice to see the original color again! 

On the list was a room update for the boys. The last time we updated their room it was two years ago, you can see it here. We went through all their shelves and got rid of things they no longer use or play with. We also changed all their storage baskets. And we added an old school pull down wall map. This map has three options, the world, USA and Alaska. It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. 

I get asked about the boys' pallet beds a lot, usually 1-3 emails per month. I wish I had been able to document the process and create a tutorial for them, but we weren't really sure how they would turn out, so we didn't even bother to take notes. Aaron made them from old pallets and a few wood pieces left over from their old bunkbeds.  

pallet beds.jpg

I love organizing their books by the colors of their spines. Something so small makes me so cheery.

kids books organization.jpg
kids bookshelves.jpg
kids bookshelf.jpg

For toy storage we used a combination of these wire baskets from Container Store, and these as well.  They come in just the right sizes for toy car collections, Star Wars figurines, and other miscellaneous collections.

toy storage solution.jpg
car toy storage.jpg

The main furniture in their room all remained the same. This dresser still remains one of my all time favorite finds from Craigslist.

kids room shared.jpg
shared room idea.jpg

And that's our little room tour of our boys' bedroom. Greta's room will be shared next as soon as I put her room back together. Repainting is kind of like moving! Yikes, so much work to take everything down and then put back up!