Teacher Gift Idea DIY - twine wrapped vases

teacher appreciation week diy.jpg

The second teacher appreciation gift we did this week is pretty simple. Again, I had everything on hand. But the outcome is cute and it's practical at the same time. I tend to steer clear of too personal or kitschy gifts for teachers. How many mugs can they really own? Or do they really want that painting from my kid? A handmade card to go along with a gift is plenty cute and personal from my kids if you ask me.

For this one you'll need: fresh flowers, a few different colors of twine, double sided stick tape, drink dispenser or vase

I bought a few of these drink dispersers from Ikea, but I've seen them lots of places, such as at The Container Store, Cost Plus, etc. 

I didn't photograph how I started to wrap the twine, but I took a small piece of double sided sticky tape for the beginning of the twine and just wrapped. When I switched colors, I tried to keep it in the same area as where I began the last color so that if you turn the bottle, everything looks pretty and you don't see the starts and stops of twine.

teacher appreciation gift vase.jpg

And there you have a super easy, practical and yet pretty gift.

teacher appreciation gift flower.jpg

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