summer reading list

One part of summer that I look forward to every week is the reading. The trips to the library, the afternoons in the hammock, staying up a little later than normal in bed reading. Watching my kids read, it makes me smile. Here's what we've been reading:

How to Train Your Dragon series- not to be confused with the movie, although there are some overlaps of characters. But this series is way longer and different. Sawyer is flying through them. 

What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?- Gunnar is still a huge social studies nerd. We love it. He's just like his dad. He can't get enough when it comes to history. This series is so great, they can be read in a day depending on their reading level.

What Was the Gold Rush?- This book was a nice follow up to a field trip Sawyer had last week at the Gene Autry Museum. 

The Long Winter- Aaron still reads to Greta before bed from the Little House on the Prairie series, they are in this one, which Aaron says is pretty sad and dreary. Ma and Pa and the girls are starving through winter, he can't wait to finish this one. But Almonzo is in the picture now and they both are looking forward to the next book.

Happier at Home- This is on my nightstand, a companion to this book, I am curious what tips and tricks she has for home organization in this book. I haven't had a moment to read the last few months, so this summer I am also looking forward to slowing down a bit and spending some quiet afternoons with a book. 

What are you reading? Anything you are dying to get your hands on? I recently recommended Divergent to a girlfriend, she wanted a "can't put it down" series. And well, that one fits the bill for sure. Did you hear they are filming the movie? Oh and the third book in the trilogy comes out this fall. I already have it on preorder. But who's counting. (October 22 just fyi)