What's In My Camera Ba

100mm 2-8 photo example.jpg

One of the anniversary gifts Aaron gave me, which was a huge surprise, was a new lens for my camera. I often get asked what I shoot with, so here's a current rundown of what's in my camera bag.

Canon 5D- if you can find a 5D body still out there, that's amazing! Photographers don't give up their 5Ds, it's an amazing camera and I've spoken with several professional photographers and they all have the Canon 5D Mark III in their arsenal (apparently the Mark II was not a good version), but they also have the original 5D that they keep going back to as their favorite.

Canon 50mm 1.4- this lens is pretty much my go to for indoor photos, I never leave home without it. I shoot all the kids concerts and recitals with this lens.

Canon 24-70mm- this lens pretty much changed my life. At that price tag, it better change my life. No seriously, this lens is my most versatile lens for outdoor, portrait, action. I love love love this lens. Before I took the plunge on my first L lens I rented several before I discovered my favorite. I highly recommend spending $100 for a weekend rental and playing with it before you invest in a professional lens.

Canon 100mm- this is the newest addition, and my first macro lens. I am still learning, but it has blown me away. Aaron did a lot of research on fixed lenses. Especially since he knows my affection for my fixed 50mm. He looked into the 85mm, 35mm, and finally chose the 100mm. The color on this lens is amazing. The top photo and all the photos below are taken with this lens. With no editing! I took this straight out of camera without any changes done to color, contrast, I didn't even crop them. So it gives you a clue just how beautiful this lens is.

Years ago I discovered the value in good glass, so lenses are where it's at for me. I am not a fan of flash, but I do have a flash attachment in case I have no choice. Indoor photos with flash just turn me off completely. I won't take a photo if I have to use a flash. I know that may sound crazy, but I know I won't like the photo, so why bother taking it. The flash I do have is a Canon and it allows me to bounce and reflect the light, but I need to work with it more to understand how to use it best. So for now, you never see a photo taken with flash from me. 

Now for a few pretty pictures. I went out into my garden after the sun set and decided to see what I could capture. Again, these are straight out of the camera with no edits. And these are shrunk down for the blog size. 

100mm 2-8.jpg
100mm 2-8 (1).jpg
100mm 2-8 photos.jpg