ladybug garden.jpg

Each time I head out to the garden I smile. I smile when I see the bees, butterflies and ladybugs all happily flying about in the garden. This ladybug above was having a buffet feast on those pesky bugs.

tomato garden.jpg

The tomatoes are getting bigger and bigger. The romas are looking huge already, and the heirlooms are coming in all over. I can't tell you the level of anticipation in this house for the first ripe tomato!

blueberry blossom.jpg

I see the kids every day or so picking blueberries here and there from our two bushes.

pepper blossom.jpg

Our peppers are looking super cute! We have at least 2 blossoms on each plant and I can't wait to try them.

cucumber sprout.jpg

Do you see the little cucumber sprouts in the above photo? Just below the yellow flowers. I think cucumbers are going to do very well this year. The snap peas were taken over by some type of bug and they've eaten up almost all the leaves and blossoms. A few have been saved but not many.

Overall our garden is doing pretty good. Now we just wait until it's time to harvest.