I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have so much that has been happening with the kids and I can't wait to fill you in. Between school performances, drama shows, fifth grade talent show, it's been non stop. And culmination will be in only 3 weeks! It's just racing by. I wish I could press the pause button to savor it because it's going so fast I haven't been able to catch my breath.

Tonight I watched my fifth grader emcee his school's talent show and I was floored at how comfortable and confident he is on stage in front of a few hundred people. That boy, he makes my heart swell.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun? I will be helping host a lemonade stand for the fifth grade students as part of their community service project. A few kids need a couple more hours to fill their commitment, and all proceeds are going to pediatric cancer research through Alex's Lemonade Stand. If you haven't heard of the program, check it out! Anyone can sign up to be a part of it. 

And just because a post is so much more fun with a photo, here's one of my Greta at her International Festival Parade. Her class studied all about Italy and learned about the great Italian artists, the amazing olives they grow there, and they even had a gelato tasting lesson. Here she is as an Italian painter for the parade. 

festival attire.jpg