Shower Menu

For the food menu I knew I wanted a variety of choices, vegetarian and not. After thinking for a long while this is what I ended up serving:

~Kale Orzo Chicken Salad

~Smoked Trout and Cheddar on Crackers

~Vegetable Spring Rolls

~Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche

~Artichoke Dip and Sliced Bread

I made all the food except for the Ceviche, and my girlfriend is sending me the recipe for that, so I will share as soon as I can. *Aaron cooked and chopped with me all morning too, the salad is his specialty!*

For the smoked trout bites, I used the canned smoked trout from Trader Joe's, sliced Cheddar into triangles, then the bottom layer was a triscuit type cracker, sprinkled with pepper. Easy and so tasty.

shower menu food.jpg

For the Spring Rolls I used rice paper wrappers from Whole Foods, you dip the wrappers in water, then fill them with veggies. I used sliced carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and mung bean sprouts (also from Whole Foods). By the time you are done filling them the wrapper is soft and ready to be wrapped. I sliced them in half and served with a little side of Ponzu sauce. The key was to keep them moist, so I served them on top of wet paper towels you can see a little in the photo below. While prepping the rolls I also always had a wet paper towel over them until I brought them to the table to serve.

veggie spring roll.jpg

The artichoke dip and salad will each have their own separate posts with instructions and photos. Along with the ceviche. Stay tuned this week for those posts.

The chocolate covered strawberries were made by a friend, and I still am savoring how delicious they were. They are a great dessert to serve because you can prepare them ahead of time, keep them chilled in the refrigerator, and just take them out when it's time to serve.

chocolate covered strawberries.jpg