Music Concert

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Do your children take instrument lessons? Did you as a child play one?

One requirement we have in this house is that all kids must learn to read music, thus they learn an instrument. I think it really does amazing things for their minds to learn to play and read music. Aaron and I both played piano as kids, I hated it, Aaron loved it. As soon as I could, I quit. Aaron had to quit when his grandma passed away and no one was seeing to his music lessons any longer.

I'm not a crazy tiger mom on my kids about practicing, I love that they just enjoy the process. If they'd like to practice, they do, if not, go outside and shoot some hoops, no big deal. Gunnar has ended up playing the trumpet for 4 years already. Sawyer played the clarinet for a year and the saxophone for a year. I'm not sure what he'll play next year but I'm guessing he will stick with sax. And then next year we will throw Greta into the mix. I'm pushing her towards the flute, but it'll be her decision. Just not the violin, dear lord not the violin! 

The middle school Gunnar will be attending has band class, but I'm not sure what Gunnar will do, if he'd like to continue I'm all for it. But if he'd like a break, I get it. 

Their orchestra recitals are something the entire family looks forward to. Even Papa and Nanni and Tati and Uncle Carl show their support for these musicians. And Romeo cannot take his eyes off the orchestra.

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Pride. And could you just die with Chewbacca peeking out from Sawyer's shirt. 

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