Herb & Vegetable Garden Labels-DIY

vegetable labels.jpg

I've been debating how to label the garden vegetables and herbs and I came across these nice big smooth rocks a few days ago. Here's a little tutorial on how I made these cute little rock labels.

You'll need some spray paint safe for outdoors so that it can withstand the rain and water, a glue stick, some computer generated font, and an old pair of tweezers. 

Once you decide on a good size font, print out the word and make sure it'll fit on the rock you choose. 

garden labels 3.jpg

Cut out each individual letter, and then use a glue stick to attach them to the rock securely. 

garden labels 1.jpg
garden labels 2.jpg

Take your rock and spray paint outside and spray a nice even coat. Wait for it to dry.

garden rock label.jpg

Once dry you can take your NOT favorite tweezers and peel off the letters. If the paper sticks a little just use the tweezers to lightly scrape it off.

garden rock labels.jpg

And then place in your garden!

herb rock labels.jpg
veggie rock labels.jpg